About us

ELFusion is a PR & Cross Media Solutions agency with experience in different areas: Public Relations, Event Management, Integrated Marketing Communications, b2b communications, Brand Development and Consulting.
Our business model integrates personal solutions and an individualized set of communication tools, which we develop for each project.
We have implemented an innovative system for communication with our clients which provides easy strategic goal setting, creative concept and effective execution development in real time for optimal results.
We have experience with companies, brands and individuals from from the fields of show business, arts, fashion & beauty, sports, health, business, education and non-profit organisations. We have also worked with international companies with interest in the Bulgarian market.

Off the Beaten Track

Innovative Business Model


Personalized Approach
Individual Set of Communication Tools and Channels
Devotion to Results

Push The Envelope

Solutions outside the box

On The Ball

Experience in different areas

In Full Swing

Highly Effective
High Exposure Regardless of the Scale
Maximum Coverage and Recognisability

The Devil is in the Details

Elena Peneva
Managing Partner
Elena Peneva’s background is journalism and cultural studies. In the last 15 years she has published hundreds of articles, music, theater and movie reviews, features and interviews in Bulgarian and European media. She entered the PR field attracted by the endless possibilities for creative communication, which the new media and social networks provide. Blogger, TEDx speaker, front-woman of a rock band, passionate cyclist and runner.
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Lora Kolarova
Managing Partner
Lora Kolarova is a professional with impressive experience in PR, reputation building and event management. In the last 15 years she has developed projects in different areas – show business, arts, culture, business, health and fashion. Strategic communications consultant, event and production manager of several big national tours and PR of many established brands, artists and festivals. She believes personal approach, creativity and precision are the key to any successful campaign.
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